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Serum replacement with similar properties to TCM™ but contains additional components for cell types that have required higher concentrations of serum (typically more than 10%). TM-235™ is defined and multi-purpose. Contains highly purified, heat-treated bovine serum albumin, heat-treated bovine transferrin and recombinant insulin. Does not contain growth factors, steroid hormones, glucocorticoids, cell adhesion factors, detectable Ig and mitogens. For cellular compatibility inquiries regarding TM-235™ please contact customer service. cGMP Manufactured. FOR CELL CULTURE USE. FOR FURTHER MANUFACTURING USE. NOT FOR HUMAN USE.

Product Highlights
•  Concentration: 50X
•  Endotoxin: <0.5EU/ml at 1X
•  Protein Origin: Bovine
•  Total Protein: 770ug/ml at 1X Concentrate
•  Storage: 2-8°C
•  Stability: Minimum 6 months at 2-8°C


  • Catalog No. 2001 size 40ml produces 2 liters of complete medium
  • Catalog No. 2002 size 100ml produces 5 liters of complete medium
  • Catalog No. 2005 size 500ml produces 25 liters of complete medium
  • Custom Sizes Available – Please contact Customer Service for information

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