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Serum replacement used primarily for human cells and the production of cell secreted proteins. TCH™ is also effective in culturing other mammalian cells without the use of animal proteins. Contains only human proteins (i.e., human serum albumin, human transferrin, recombinant insulin), which are heat treated. For cellular compatibility inquiries regarding TCH™ please contact customer service. cGMP Manufactured. FOR CELL CULTURE USE. FOR FURTHER MANUFACTURING USE. NOT FOR HUMAN USE.

Caution: The venous blood from which this product is manufactured has been tested for the presence of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAG), Anti HCV and found to be non-reactive by a currently approved FDA test. The blood has also been tested for the presence of Anti HIV1, Anti HIV2 antibody and found to be negative. However, in accordance with Good Manufacturing and Laboratory Practices, any protein of human blood origin should be handled as if capable of transmitting hepatitis or other infectious agents.

Product Highlights
Concentration: 50X
•  Endotoxin: <0.5EU/ml at 1X
•  Protein Origin: Human
•  Total Protein: 570ug/ml at 1X Concentrate
•  Storage: 2-8°C
•  Stability: Minimum 6 months at 2-8°C


  • Catalog No. 3001 size 40ml produces 2 liters of complete medium
  • Catalog No. 3002 size 100ml produces 5 liters of complete medium
  • Catalog No. 3005 size 500ml produces 25 liters of complete medium
  • Custom Sizes Available – Please contact Customer Service for information

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