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Serum-free clonogenic supplement for the culturing of human progenitor cells. Effective in studying cancer stem cells, iPS, and mesenchymal stem cells. Does not contain erythropoietin, recombinant growth factors. cGMP Manufactured. FOR CELL CULTURE USE. FOR FURTHER MANUFACTURING USE. NOT FOR HUMAN USE.

Product Highlights
Concentration: 50X
•  Endotoxin: <0.5EU/ml at 1X
•  Protein Origin: Human
•  Total Protein: 488ug/ml at 1X Concentrate
•  Storage: 2-8°C
•  Stability: Minimum 6 months at 2-8°C


  • Catalog No. 3300 size 40ml produces 2 liters of complete medium
  • Catalog No. 3303 size 100ml produces 5 liters of complete medium
  • Custom Sizes Available – Please contact Customer  Service for information

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