2-8CELLsius™ + DMSO

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When combined with DMSO, 2-8CELLsius™ can be utilized as a cryopreservation solution. 2-8CELLsius™ + DMSO is a cytoprotective, protein free solution, with bio-stabilizers that support high post thaw cell viability. Optimal recovery is achieved through a novel approach to cell physiology at ultra-low temperatures. Does not contain any growth factors, hormones, or antibiotics. cGMP Manufactured, USP Grade Components. FOR LABORATORY USE. NOT FOR INJECTION.

Type II Drug Master File

Cell types include: Stem cells, Islet Cells, Cartilage, Bone, Hair Dermal Cells, progenitor and T Cells.



  • PP338DM5-10 (10ml Vial)
  • PP338DM5-100 (100ml Vial)
  • PP338DM5-100B (100ml Processing Bag)

10% DMSO

  • PP338DM10-10 (10ml Vial)
  • PP338DM10-100 (100ml Vial)
  • PP338DM10-100B (100ml Processing Bag)
  • PP338DM10-1000B (1000ml Processing Bag)

20% DMSO

  • PP338DM20-100B (100ml Processing Bag)
  • PP338DM20-1000B (1000ml Processing Bag)


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