2-8 CELLsius™

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2-8 CELLsius™ is a cytoprotective, protein free, ready to use bio-solution for the short-term storage of cells or tissue. 2-8 CELLsius™ is effective as a cryopreservation solution when combined with 5-10% DMSO (Protide Stemsol™) and subsequently, diluting and removing the cryopreservative solution.

For short-term storage, add cold (2-8°C) 2-8 CELLsius™ at a recommended cell concentration of 1×106 – 8×106/ml. The 2-8 CELLsius™ can be removed after centrifugation, cell concentration adjusted and transferred to an appropriate culture flask with growth medium. For laboratory use. Not for injection.

  • Catalog No. PP338-100    size 100ml
  • Catalog No. PP338-250    size 250ml
  • Catalog No. PP338-500    size 500ml

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